Wave Venture

enabling technology for ocean wave energy

Wave-Venture provides specialist wave energy consultancy and analysis software. We help our clients in wave energy R&D, wave energy investment and wave farm project development.

Wave Venture is a specialist wave energy consultancy and software provider. Over the past 15 years Wave Venture staff members have developed unique capabilities and understanding in wave energy technology research and development. From a base of strong engineering competence we are focused on merging engineering and economic analysis methods and on applying these to deliver wave energy technology related services with a commercial focus.

We provide advisory and analysis services to companies that are: • investing in wave energy technology • conducting research and development on wave energy conversion systems • planning deployments of wave energy farms:


for technology investors

Wave Venture provide insights that help technology investors with technology screening and provide strategic advice to maximise technology potential.

for design of wave energy systems

Wave Venture has a broad depth of experience in wave energy technology research and development. we help accelerate the product development process and maximise its commercial relevance.

for wave farm developers

Wave Venture is experienced in helping wave farm developers to plan and execute project development. from technology screening to simulated cash flow analysis.

Wave Venture is developing novel techno-economic assessment and optimisation software for wave energy. This software combines wave to wire simulation with economic analysis and presently underpins many of our consultancy services. We are currently active in developing the background IP into an analysis software product, to be launched in 2019.