Wave Venture

enabling technology for ocean wave energy

Wave-Venture provides specialist wave energy consultancy and analysis software. We help our clients in wave energy R&D, wave energy investment and wave farm project development.

services for wave energy research and development

research and development strategy

• wave energy converter (w.e.c.) R&D strategy setting / review
• strong focus on commercial relevance of R&D
• customer identification
• concept development
• hydrodynamic first principles
• performance benchmarking studies
• vendors technical due diligence
• economic analysis, project levelised cost of energy (l.c.o.e) estimation
• internal rate of return (i.r.r.) net present value (n.p.v) estimation

w.e.c. design and modelling

• wave to wire simulations
• linear and non-linear hydrodynamics
• energy yield estimation
• geometry optimisation
• cost of energy determination
• techno-economic optimisation
• load estimation

hydraulic p.t.o. design and analysis

• full scale power take off (p.t.o.) design
• system optimisation
• w.e.c-p.t.o. coupled optimisation
• line diagram preparation
• 3d layout preparation
• reduced scale p.t.o. design
• expert review of existing designs

experimental testing

• test program design
• model design and manufacture
• model p.t.o. design
• instrumentation setup
• test supervision
• data analysis