Wave Venture FlexWEC™

Dynamic Engineering Analysis

FlexWEC provides a fully self-contained, user-friendly, cloud-compute software solution for analysis of the motion, forces and energy absorption of multi-body marine structures. 

Dynamic simulation

Wave Venture FlexWEC™ allows the user to perform simulation of:

  • Multiple bodies
  • Mechanical and hydrodynamic coupling between bodies
  • Mooring systems
  • Rigid and deformable structural components
  • Internal fluid motion
  • Power take-off systems

Advance integrated analysis

Wave Venture FlexWEC uses a unique method for analysis of generic marine structures that builds on best practice in the industry. This analysis requires several sub-analyses that are all completed in the software without out any data transfer to/from external software. 

Fully featured

Wave Venture FlexWEC™ includes: 

  • Geometry and mesh generation 
  • Static trim/mooring analysis 
  • Static finite element analysis of shape and stress in still water 
  • Hydrodynamic coefficient analysis (including generalised modes) 
  • Structural mass and elastic stiffness analysis (including generalised modes) 
  • Response amplitude operator analysis 
  • Analysis of response in irregular seas 
  • Full power matrix analysis 
  • Plotting tools 
  • Array visualisation tools 
  • 3D visualisation of response in irregular seas 

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