Wave Venture TEMPEST™

Techno-economic analysis software

Our bespoke marine operations analysis software simulates whole system, whole lifecycle, operation and maintenance for offshore renewable energy farms. This software simulates the installation, O&M, and decommissioning marine operations in the context of device reliability, vessel capabilities, marine environment (weather windows) and calculates the impact on cost, availability, and energy productivity.

Resource Data Analysis

The Resource Data module provides user friendly conversion features and ability to quickly determine weather data statistics. Any time series data can be uploaded, giving complete user flexibility.

Operational Simulation

TEMPEST™ provides an Installation, Operations & Maintenance analysis for investigation of energy productivity and operations and maintenance strategy in a given environment. The analysis captures the project requirements and design, simulating the progress of marine operations in installation, operations and decommissioning in the context or realistic vessel and task level weather windows.

Financial Analysis

The integrated finance analysis module allows a versatile discounted cashflow analysis with costs and revenue coherently linked to other aspects of the Operations Simulation. The cashflow analysis also includes uncertainty analysis and allows analytical expressions for LCOE, NPV and many other metrics to be defined.

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